Clean up your air for better lung health

It’s not just the cold winter nights (and days) that can cause lung problems. The environment you live in and interact with every day is just as harmful to your lung health. It may or may not come as a surprise to learn that the air inside is even more toxic than outside. There are … Continue reading Clean up your air for better lung health

Lung health and your emotions

Did you know that your emotions can play a part in your lung health? Just like negative thoughts can impact on your emotional health, so too do emotions affect your lungs. When you feel bad or lack energy, especially during the winter months, you may start to feel depressed. Your brain catches this signal and … Continue reading Lung health and your emotions

Natural health: make your own aloe vera

One of the most useful plants you can have at home is the aloe vera plant.  It is easy to care for and loves being indoors or outdoors. But it’s best use is that you can make your own aloe straight from the leaves. Those long, greyish green leaves contain a decent amount of aloe … Continue reading Natural health: make your own aloe vera

How to live seasonally for your health

Your body changes with the seasons so for optimal health, it is important to align eating patterns accordingly. In the warmer months your aim is to eat fresh, keep your body cool and keep activity light. While in the cooler months you will incorporate hearty, immune boosting foods into your meals balanced with energising, cardio … Continue reading How to live seasonally for your health

Change your perspective to change your life

`There are no facts, only interpretation’. – Fredrich Nietzsche More than a century old, this saying by the German philosopher is still relevant today. Can we really say what is right or wrong or is it merely a view of perspective or circumstance? Is your perspective holding you back from living to your full potential? … Continue reading Change your perspective to change your life

Hormones and your posture

The way your body speaks is significant as your posture, breathing rate, muscular tension and even simple acts like walking affect your brain. When your posture slumps over the brain steps in to tell the body which mood signals to send out. Poor posture also impacts on your memory. When you try to recall a … Continue reading Hormones and your posture

Walk tall to happiness

Your posture and the way you hold yourself has a big impact on your health and wellbeing – and ultimately your happiness. A healthy posture begins in the mind where you have stored memories of how you should move depending on your past experiences. Think about how your body responds or practise observing how you … Continue reading Walk tall to happiness

Overcoming the obstacles to a healthy lifestyle

There are many obstacles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle but most of them will be psychological. For example, as the cold winter months settle in you may find yourself unmotivated to leave the warm house for your daily morning walk. As a result you will beat yourself up later for not exercising. While there are … Continue reading Overcoming the obstacles to a healthy lifestyle

Soothe sore muscles naturally

Sore muscles can seem more tense during winter as the cold settles in. You experience sore muscles from a number of sources such as exercise, carrying items, etc. Looking after your wellbeing during the cold months can be a challenge but not impossible. With the increased availability of natural wellbeing products on the market you … Continue reading Soothe sore muscles naturally

Natural flu busters

To keep your natural immune system in top condition this winter, you may just find that you already have many flu busting foods in the pantry. By including these foods in your meals each day you can prevent yourself falling sick to the flu and other illnesses lurking around this season. Keeping yourself fit and … Continue reading Natural flu busters