The season of SAD

It's winter in the southern hemisphere which means some of us may find ourselves feeling a little down as we navigate through the colder months.  Like you, I love summer and the bright, warm days. The sun is energising and my motivation increases. Yet, when winter approaches I need to find new ways to keep … Continue reading The season of SAD

Slow it down for your wellbeing

The faster life gets, the more pressure you tend to put on yourself to push harder. You know it is not good for your health, but you are not sure how to do everything without letting anyone down. Yet the more you push yourself the more you increase your chances of becoming ill. Slowing down … Continue reading Slow it down for your wellbeing

How to be in the here and now

You travel the same route each day to and from work, school or other place you visit frequently. You see buildings, parks, shops etc go by as you travel along our regular route. But do you actually see those buildings, parks and shops? We get so caught up in our final destination that we forget … Continue reading How to be in the here and now

Appreciating the present moment

When you are present in the moment, it is easier to appreciate and savour each experience in life. Being present is a passive form of mindfulness and has positive effects on your mental wellbeing. Of course, you might think you need money to experience a variety of events, but not always. While money is helpful, … Continue reading Appreciating the present moment

Tips for starting your shadow work

Now that we know what shadow work is and how ignoring it can impact on our lives, this week we look at ways to get you started on your shadow work journey. Quite often we have the best intentions to do something, but knowing how to get started is the first obstacle. First, decide if … Continue reading Tips for starting your shadow work

Why do we resist shadow work?

As we have learned over the past couple of weeks, shadow work can be hard but also be equally beneficial. Yet despite knowing that it can be good for our health and wellbeing we still resist doing it. Perhaps we are afraid of what might be uncovered. Shadow work can definitely be confronting. It can … Continue reading Why do we resist shadow work?

The benefits to doing your shadow work

Once you get into a regular practice of doing the shadow work, you will start to see the benefits in the form of improvements to your life and wellbeing. The changes may be slow at first, but the more you bring awareness to your conscious and unconscious and understand yourself more, you will understand your … Continue reading The benefits to doing your shadow work

Understanding your inner shadow

Now that we know what shadow work is, let’s delve in deeper to understanding more about the shadow self. We previously learned that the shadow comprises those aspects of ourself that get hidden into the subconscious mind. As defined by our psychologist friend, Carl Jung, there are eight archetypes in your unconscious mind, each being … Continue reading Understanding your inner shadow

What is shadow work?

This week we delve into exploring what shadow work actually is. Shadow work means working with the subconscious mind to rediscover the hidden parts of yourself that you may have forgotten or even repressed over the years. While anyone can undertake shadow work, it comes with a warning that it can be confronting. Because your … Continue reading What is shadow work?

Your subconscious mind and the shadow

While your conscious mind holds those thoughts, memories and experiences you like, your unwanted memories are sent into the subconscious. This post follows on from last week to explore how your shadow self interacts with the subconscious hidden mind. Your shadow self is formed in your subconscious mind where you cannot clearly see it and … Continue reading Your subconscious mind and the shadow