The importance of your financial health

When you think about your health and wellbeing, financial health is probably not front of mind. Your top focus will tend to be on physical and mental wellbeing, right? However, when your financial health is out of balance it it can impact on how you feel mentally while spoiling over to affect your physical health.

Are you living life with purpose?

Have you ever wondered if you were truly living the life you were meant to lead? Or have you merely settled into a life that was planned from an early age? Does the life you have chosen make you happy? Does it spark your curiosity for growth? Are you doing what truly lights you up?

Why a failure resume is good for your wellbeing?

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to write about my failures? When you think of a resume, you automatically think of a document use to apply for jobs. You know, the one that lists all your achievements, skills and experiences. These are the positive achievements you have made in your career andContinue reading “Why a failure resume is good for your wellbeing?”

How to write a reverse bucket list

Following on from last week’s post you are enough, reflecting on your achievements and life events is one thing – but how do you go about it? This post will provide you with tips on how to get started in helping you reflect on what you have achieved so that you can celebrate the amazingContinue reading “How to write a reverse bucket list”

You are enough

As we approach the end of yet another year, you often find yourself reflecting on what you have not done, rather than your achievements. Each year seems to go by quicker and you put yourself under pressure to set goals for either yourself or what others expect you to achieve. So, you spend your yearContinue reading “You are enough”

Six types of courage to a happy you

Courage doesn’t come easy, for some it requires more effort. It takes courage to be able to be yourself and make decisions that help achieve your goals. It is easy to fall into a pattern of doing the same thing day in day out. The status quo. The comfortable. Or even making decisions in lineContinue reading “Six types of courage to a happy you”

The power of storytelling

When we were children, nothing delighted us more than listening to a bedtime story. It allowed us to transport ourselves into another world (or time) an escape. As we got older, we began to read our own stories but not as often as we liked. Plus, those stories grew up as we did. No longerContinue reading “The power of storytelling”

Six steps to get more time in your day

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you wish you had more time to spend on things you enjoy doing rather than what you must do? Juggling work, home  and life will leave you frazzled, exhausted and eventually burn you out. But there are onlyContinue reading “Six steps to get more time in your day”

How to mindfully navigate through change – Part Three

This is third and final part of a three part blog post series on managing the impact of a change event can have on your life. In post number two you developed some possible solutions to manage change, however it is not uncommon to still feel a little resistant. As you will see from theContinue reading “How to mindfully navigate through change – Part Three”