Summer Solstice – Celebrate your Spiritual Wellbeing

Summer solstice marks the time when the sun is at its highest point on the horizon giving us the longest day of the year. The sun will appear to solstitium – the Latin word meaning to stand still. It is a time for spiritual awakening and awareness as summer welcomes the season of light andContinue reading “Summer Solstice – Celebrate your Spiritual Wellbeing”

Choosing the right gift at Christmas?

Christmas is a time of celebration, relaxation and gift giving. Yet there is so much social pressure to buy the perfect gift. As a result your stress and anxiety levels increase, because you are worried about buying the wrong gift. You end up falling into the trap of consumerism over a real connection with people.

Four strategies to financial health at Christmas

At Christmas time there is so much temptation to have the perfect day with family and friends that often overstretch the financial side of things. Worrying about finances at Christmas is at the forefront of your mind because you have the dilemma of wanting to satisfy everyone’s needs. You know this is unachievable but youContinue reading “Four strategies to financial health at Christmas”

Your month of mindfulness

With the silly season upon us again, the stress of Christmas expectations can be overwhelming. So now more than ever It is important to take care of yourself. It is easier to get caught up in everyone else’s needs and forgetting to take care of your own.

Are you living on autopilot?

Many people travel through life in a haze with their autopilot on. They end up doing the same things, thinking the same, reacting the same as they had done in previous situations. Before they know it life has flown by.  They reach retirement and wonder where their life has gone. This is what you callContinue reading “Are you living on autopilot?”

Connect with nature to improve your wellbeing

Often you get caught up in the day to day busy of life that you forget to stop and appreciate the beauty and serenity of the open green spaces around you. Following a challenging couple of years, it is great to be able to get out and about again to explore the great outdoors. ItContinue reading “Connect with nature to improve your wellbeing”

Are you living life with purpose?

Have you ever wondered if you were truly living the life you were meant to lead? Or have you merely settled into a life that was planned from an early age? Does the life you have chosen make you happy? Does it spark your curiosity for growth? Are you doing what truly lights you up?

The art of saying no for your health and wellbeing

It seems the hardest word for people to say is no – next to I’m sorry, but that’s another story. When you say no, often it is said with guilt or you experience an uncomfortable feeling. You feel you are letting the other person down. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There areContinue reading “The art of saying no for your health and wellbeing”

Practical exercises to trigger your flow state

In a previous post I discussed how you achieve a flow state when you are completely focused and engaged on your tasks. For some this comes easy, but others may find they need some help to trigger a state of flow. This post discusses some suggestions and practical exercises that can help trigger your flow.

The Art of Visual Mindfulness

Awareness of your mind and body is frequently discussed as a mindfulness activity that improves your mental wellbeing. However, the science behind mindful eye contact can be just as beneficial to your health. The eyes are one of your key communication tools that are not only used to see but to be seen. People areContinue reading “The Art of Visual Mindfulness”