Natural health: make your own aloe vera

One of the most useful plants you can have at home is the aloe vera plant.  It is easy to care for and loves being indoors or outdoors. But it’s best use is that you can make your own aloe straight from the leaves. Those long, greyish green leaves contain a decent amount of aloe … Continue reading Natural health: make your own aloe vera

How to live seasonally for your health

Your body changes with the seasons so for optimal health, it is important to align eating patterns accordingly. In the warmer months your aim is to eat fresh, keep your body cool and keep activity light. While in the cooler months you will incorporate hearty, immune boosting foods into your meals balanced with energising, cardio … Continue reading How to live seasonally for your health

Spring equinox: for healing, reflection and new opportunities

Spring - a new season and new beginnings. We know that the arrival of spring means new life, plants grow, baby animals are born and flowers bloom again after lying dormant through winter. Spring is where new life emerges from the earth. We begin to see more daylight than darkness signalling the start daylight savings … Continue reading Spring equinox: for healing, reflection and new opportunities

Overcoming the obstacles to a healthy lifestyle

There are many obstacles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle but most of them will be psychological. For example, as the cold winter months settle in you may find yourself unmotivated to leave the warm house for your daily morning walk. As a result you will beat yourself up later for not exercising. While there are … Continue reading Overcoming the obstacles to a healthy lifestyle

Soothe sore muscles naturally

Sore muscles can seem more tense during winter as the cold settles in. You experience sore muscles from a number of sources such as exercise, carrying items, etc. Looking after your wellbeing during the cold months can be a challenge but not impossible. With the increased availability of natural wellbeing products on the market you … Continue reading Soothe sore muscles naturally

Tea Meditation: for health and wellbeing

There is a reason why the Japanese love their tea and tea ceremonies. The art of making a simple cup of tea while in the present moment has the power to relax the mind and body after a hectic day. The way of tea as it is referred to in Japan is a ritual ceremony … Continue reading Tea Meditation: for health and wellbeing

Natural flu busters

To keep your natural immune system in top condition this winter, you may just find that you already have many flu busting foods in the pantry. By including these foods in your meals each day you can prevent yourself falling sick to the flu and other illnesses lurking around this season. Keeping yourself fit and … Continue reading Natural flu busters

Proactive prevention against colds and flu

As we head into the winter months Down Under, the flu season also starts to pick up. While many people protect themselves with their annual flu shot, there are also natural vitamins and strategies you can adopt to be proactive active colds and flu this season. Here are just five ways you can help beat … Continue reading Proactive prevention against colds and flu

Easter around the world

In Australia we celebrate Easter with the traditional hot cross bun like the United Kingdom. However, the death and rising of Jesus Christ is celebrated around the world differently. This week I would like to share a few different traditional easter dishes I discovered from other countries. Here are just six countries and their traditional … Continue reading Easter around the world

Food for your brain

As we have seen in previous posts, your brain is the most important tool in your wellness toolkit. So, it is equally important feed your brain with memory boosting foods. The foods that you eat impact your brain function and thoughts, either positively or negatively depending on your diet. Your diet has much to do … Continue reading Food for your brain