Cleanse and detox naturally

The process of cleansing is about taking time out for rest to restore your body to a relaxed state. However, detoxing the body means to flush out toxicity and restore you to a natural balanced, healthy state. Both are beneficial to reducing the toxicity in your life and important in your healing cycle. While the…… Continue reading Cleanse and detox naturally

Pain Relief – Naturally

In an age where we are brought up to seek out pharmaceuticals when we are sick, there are many natural remedies that can be used to help. Some pharmaceuticals have their place certainly, especially for existing conditions. However, natural therapies can boost your immune system to prepare your body to fight off illness. I am…… Continue reading Pain Relief – Naturally

The right tea for your health

The benefits of tea have been widely communicated on many platforms with green tea taking the lead. Green tea is a popular choice for cleansing and detoxifying harmful toxins out of the body. But there six more teas that can provide health benefits for other ailments. Six natural herb health teas for you to try…… Continue reading The right tea for your health

Eat your Water

Staying hydrated is not just about drinking plenty of water, although you should still do that. However, there are many fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. These foods can help you keep up your daily water intake while giving your skin a health glow. 10 Fruits and Vegetable to healthy looking skin.…… Continue reading Eat your Water

Self-compassion and mindful eating

As you work on your mindful eating journey, it is important to be kind to yourself. While it is important to take note of what you eat, when you eat and why you eat; it is equally important to not judge yourself harshly. Self-judgement and criticism can lead to unhealthy eating habits, shame and leave…… Continue reading Self-compassion and mindful eating

Coconut as a superfood

In the last post I introduced lemons as a superfood, but there are many more that provide health benefits for the mind, body and soul. Coconut is one such food that can provide just as many benefits to your health as lemons. Below are just a few of the benefits coconut products (including coconut oil)…… Continue reading Coconut as a superfood

The power of lemons

Last week I wrote about detoxifying drinks that help aid your digestion. This week I would like to home in on one that I use regularly. That is the yellow, citrus fruit known as the lemon. Lemons have the ability to provide you with a natural health high so it’s little wonder that they are…… Continue reading The power of lemons

Detoxify and digest

In my last post I wrote about how stress can negatively impact on your digestion. When you allow the negative influences of your environment trigger a stress response, your digestive system shuts down. Engaging the relaxation response is only one way to help your digestion. Natural drinks are also a great way to detox from…… Continue reading Detoxify and digest

Stress and the impact on your digestion

When you experience stress related symptoms, you may not think it impacts on your ability to eat and digest food. Yet digestion starts in the brain. From the moment you see, smell, and taste your food it sends a signal for your stomach to start the digestive process. Your brain also receives signals from the…… Continue reading Stress and the impact on your digestion

How to get the benefits of eating mindfully

When you eat mindfully not only do you take the time to truly enjoy your food you also feel more satisfied as your mind and body are registering what you are eating. Eating mindfully encourages you to eat more slowly, which offers a host of health benefits. Your digestion starts in the mouth. By chewing…… Continue reading How to get the benefits of eating mindfully