Relaxation Audios

Muscle tension, stress and anxiety can cause unnecessary disruption to your day. Learning and practising relaxation techniques will allow you to quickly identify areas of your body you hold tension so that you can effectively activate a relaxation response. The below audios have been recorded for you to download and use during the day whenever you need a quiet timeout.

Walking Meditation

Be present and tune into your body and world around you as you walk in the here and now.

Body Scan Exercise

Body scan is a method of relaxation where you mentally scan your body, noticing each area. It is an exercise to notice where you may be holding stress or tension in your body.

Guided Morning Sun Salutation

Awaken, energise and prepare your body and mind for the busy day ahead.

Calming Stretch Relaxation Exercise

A gentle stretching exercise to guide you to relax your body and decrease muscle tension.

Relaxation Exercise to Decrease Jaw Tension

Practise this short relaxation exercise to address the most common area where you store tension and stress – the jaw.

Relaxation Exercise for Headaches

This short relaxation exercise will guide you through a process to ease your tension headaches.