Movement meditation for physical and emotional wellbeing

There are many styles of meditation so choosing one to suit your circumstances. Your why for starting and continuing a meditation practice. If sitting or walking meditation are not for you, there is always movement meditation to energise your mind and body.

How walking is good for your whole wellbeing

In the last post, you became aware that walking meditation is a style to try if you have difficulty with sitting meditation. I hope you took the challenge at the end of that post to practise to see if it Is a style that could work for you. Walking has many benefits, not just toContinue reading “How walking is good for your whole wellbeing”

Importance of your community health

Your involvement in your community is important for maintaining your social wellbeing and reaching your full potential in life. As we have previously discussed, people are social beings and thrive on connection with others. A community setting allows you to connect others who share your interests as well as discovering new activities and learning newContinue reading “Importance of your community health”

The importance of your financial health

When you think about your health and wellbeing, financial health is probably not front of mind. Your top focus will tend to be on physical and mental wellbeing, right? However, when your financial health is out of balance it it can impact on how you feel mentally while spoiling over to affect your physical health.

How to boost your physical health at work?

Maintaining your physical health in the workplace can be a challenge, especially if you are desk bound or spent many hours in a stationary position. As you work away diligently on your tasks, your body will start to tense up to the point it starts screaming at you to move. No-one should spend too longContinue reading “How to boost your physical health at work?”

Your eight pillars of wellbeing

Wellness is more than just your physical health, it incorporates a holistic approach to how you live each aspect of your life. Holistic health involves nurturing and sustaining your physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial and environmental health. When each of these are in balance, you can achieve optimal wellness, but the path toContinue reading “Your eight pillars of wellbeing”

Are you really RU Okay?

It is RU Okay day on Thursday. A day where people check in with each other and sure each other are okay. However, don’t make your check in feel like an obligation. If someone is not feeling okay take a moment to stop and genuinely listen. It doesn’t cost much to take ten minutes toContinue reading “Are you really RU Okay?”

Give yourself permission to live

Everything you do today is creating the person you want to be tomorrow. Your every thought and action is shaping your future self. These actions are setting up the world to either support or sabotage you. In other words, you are in control of your decisions and no-one can take that away from you.

Do you suffer from SAD?

Do you find yourself feeling a little down as the colder months settle in? Do you feel unmotivated and lack energy for the things that would normally interest you?  Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people who feel like you do when the weather turns grey, dark and depressing.

How can I prevent burnout?

As you are aware, when your stress response is prolonged it can lead you into the dangerous territory of burnout. Once burnout strikes it is often hard to make a full recovery. This week’s short post provides six simple steps which you can adopt to help you on the path back to relaxation and happiness.