A practical mindful body scan

Today, instead of talking about mindfulness, I have prepared an excretes for you to practise being mindful. It is sometimes hard to find time for relaxation and checking in with yourself. So, we need practical tools which can be adapted to suit time and different situations.

Are you living on autopilot?

Many people travel through life in a haze with their autopilot on. They end up doing the same things, thinking the same, reacting the same as they had done in previous situations. Before they know it life has flown by.  They reach retirement and wonder where their life has gone. This is what you callContinue reading “Are you living on autopilot?”

Cultivate mindful relationships

Mindfulness not only helps your awareness but it builds compassion and empathy in your day to day relationships with other people. By understanding your own motivations and feelings, allows you to stop, pause and see how things really are – not how you think they should be.

How to practise walking meditation

If you have tried sitting meditation but found yourself unable to concentrate, then perhaps walking meditation is more your style. Walking meditation offers you all the benefits of meditation while being present. An added bonus is that you also get some exercise at the same time.

Your Mindfulness at Work

October is national safe work month and the next couple of posts will explore ways to maintain your holistic wellbeing. Physical health is the first area you tend to focus on followed by your mental and emotional health. Yet your remaining health areas are considered secondary.

How to write a reverse bucket list

Following on from last week’s post you are enough, reflecting on your achievements and life events is one thing – but how do you go about it? This post will provide you with tips on how to get started in helping you reflect on what you have achieved so that you can celebrate the amazingContinue reading “How to write a reverse bucket list”

You are enough

As we approach the end of yet another year, you often find yourself reflecting on what you have not done, rather than your achievements. Each year seems to go by quicker and you put yourself under pressure to set goals for either yourself or what others expect you to achieve. So, you spend your yearContinue reading “You are enough”

How to be comfortable with mindful eye contact

In last week’s post we talked about discovering more about how mindful eye contact contributes to your wellbeing. However, it is understood that not everyone is comfortable with making eye contact with another person. It is not only strangers who find it difficult to look someone in the eye, some also find it challenging toContinue reading “How to be comfortable with mindful eye contact”

The Art of Visual Mindfulness

Awareness of your mind and body is frequently discussed as a mindfulness activity that improves your mental wellbeing. However, the science behind mindful eye contact can be just as beneficial to your health. The eyes are one of your key communication tools that are not only used to see but to be seen. People areContinue reading “The Art of Visual Mindfulness”

Mindfulness in Action

Over the past couple of weeks we have discussed the benefits of mindfulness and how it can help you live a happy, healthy life. Yet knowing the benefits doesn’t automatically translate into action. This week we look at how you can implement mindful actions into your day when they are needed.