Your lung health in winter

As winter settles in Down Under, it is a timely reminder for us to remember to take care of ourselves – especially our lung health. The lungs are central to your wellbeing and ensuring that you take in fresh, clean air to circulate through your body.

Happy New Year

`The two most important days in your life are: the day you were born and the day you find out why’ – Mark Twain As we start the new year, it is time to stop and reflect on our why. Why do we do what we do? What motivates us to get up every morningContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Connect with nature to improve your wellbeing

Often you get caught up in the day to day busy of life that you forget to stop and appreciate the beauty and serenity of the open green spaces around you. Following a challenging couple of years, it is great to be able to get out and about again to explore the great outdoors. ItContinue reading “Connect with nature to improve your wellbeing”

Are you living life with purpose?

Have you ever wondered if you were truly living the life you were meant to lead? Or have you merely settled into a life that was planned from an early age? Does the life you have chosen make you happy? Does it spark your curiosity for growth? Are you doing what truly lights you up?

The healing power of sound

The sound of water trickling over rocks from a waterfall, birds chirping happily or uplifting music playing on the radio. Sounds have a therapeutic influence on your health and wellbeing. They calm and move you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Six types of courage to a happy you

Courage doesn’t come easy, for some it requires more effort. It takes courage to be able to be yourself and make decisions that help achieve your goals. It is easy to fall into a pattern of doing the same thing day in day out. The status quo. The comfortable. Or even making decisions in lineContinue reading “Six types of courage to a happy you”

Practical exercises to trigger your flow state

In a previous post I discussed how you achieve a flow state when you are completely focused and engaged on your tasks. For some this comes easy, but others may find they need some help to trigger a state of flow. This post discusses some suggestions and practical exercises that can help trigger your flow.

The benefits to living a holistic life

When you think about your health and wellbeing, what is the first thing you notice? It’s probably your physical health such as weight or how you look, right? Then next you may focus on your mental health and how you are feeling. These are the main areas most people tend to focus on. Most ofContinue reading “The benefits to living a holistic life”

How to use your breath effectively with movement?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been talking about the health benefits you can gain by focusing on your breath. Deep diaphragmatic breathing, directly into your lower abdomen, will also create more space for your lungs to inflate. When the lungs are at their full capacity an exchange of  oxygen and carbon dioxideContinue reading “How to use your breath effectively with movement?”

The 7 types of rest everyone needs

In the May issue of HRM Magazine Online, a new precedence was set around an employer’s responsibilities for ensuring the workplace is a safe environment. Mentally and emotionally safe, that is. While organisations are being asked to do more with less, there is only so much a person an do before they eventually burnout. OnceContinue reading “The 7 types of rest everyone needs”