How to do the shadow work?

Over the last couple of weeks we have discussed what the shadow is and how it may impact on your ability to live a full life. This week we start to explore how to do the shadow work. However, please note upfront that when you start shadow work, it can be confronting as you are … Continue reading How to do the shadow work?

Understanding your inner shadow

Now that we know what shadow work is, let’s delve in deeper to understanding more about the shadow self. We previously learned that the shadow comprises those aspects of ourself that get hidden into the subconscious mind. As defined by our psychologist friend, Carl Jung, there are eight archetypes in your unconscious mind, each being … Continue reading Understanding your inner shadow

What is shadow work?

This week we delve into exploring what shadow work actually is. Shadow work means working with the subconscious mind to rediscover the hidden parts of yourself that you may have forgotten or even repressed over the years. While anyone can undertake shadow work, it comes with a warning that it can be confronting. Because your … Continue reading What is shadow work?

Your subconscious mind and the shadow

While your conscious mind holds those thoughts, memories and experiences you like, your unwanted memories are sent into the subconscious. This post follows on from last week to explore how your shadow self interacts with the subconscious hidden mind. Your shadow self is formed in your subconscious mind where you cannot clearly see it and … Continue reading Your subconscious mind and the shadow

Discovering your shadow self to live authentically

To live authentically, we need to know ourselves completely and holistically. This means knowing the good and the bad. It means getting back in touch with our shadow self. This is the first of a series of posts delving into how the shadow self can hinder us in living our best, authentic life. So what … Continue reading Discovering your shadow self to live authentically

A tension release meditation

As you leave behind the summer holidays and get back into the full swing of life, you may find that your stressors are creeping up on you again. The time you took off to relax now seems like a distant memory. While the short break did you good in the short term, you now long … Continue reading A tension release meditation

How to ease built up tension in your neck

Many of us spend our day in front of a computer, tablet device, phone or other forms of technology. Yet while you are glued to the screen, it is having a negative and unhealthy long term affect on your body. Namely, your neck and spine. You may or may not be aware that the head … Continue reading How to ease built up tension in your neck

Your relationship with money

As we head into 2023, and the January sales draw to a close, you once again may start thinking about how much money you spent. Then the credit card bill arrives with the hard truth about how much you actually spent. Your reaction to the expense will depend on how you view your relationship with … Continue reading Your relationship with money

Chair yoga for balance and flexibility

From building muscle strength to promoting relaxation, a regular chair yoga practice can also help improve your balance and flexibility. No matter at what age, or fitness level, the risk of falling can strike anyone at any time resulting in injury. Chair yoga uses a number of adapted poses to build your balance and flexibility, … Continue reading Chair yoga for balance and flexibility

Chair yoga for relaxation and inner peace

In addition to building muscle strength as I wrote in last week’s post, Chair Yoga is also great for promoting relaxation and inner peace because it includes a short meditation practice as well. As your chair yoga and meditation journey begins, you will start to notice a change in how you feel. Relaxation will soon … Continue reading Chair yoga for relaxation and inner peace