The lost art of communication

Have you noticed that people would rather communicate by text, email or social media rather than picking up the phone or having a face to face conversation? The more advanced technology gets, the more people are using online tools to communicate and interact with each other. But has technology caused people to forget how to communicate face to face and have meaningful conversations?

Humans a naturally social creatures so the ability to have a meaningful face to face conversation is important to maintain genuine social connections.

Being able to talk face to face is also important for your mental and emotional health. Talking openly about something that concerns you is important when you feel stressed or anxious. Communicating online is not going to provide the genuine human, emotional connection that you need to feel heard and supported.

Why do people prefer online communications?

  • The fear of being vulnerable is one reason why we tend to hide behind online communications. You may feel that if you do find the courage for an in person conversation, then the other person may be judging you.
  • The other fear is that there is a risk that the other person may not have the communication skills necessary for responding appropriately to your disclosure.

Relearning face to face communication

Communication skills for critical conversations are in need of being relearned including skills like empathy, impartiality, and the ability to be supportive and provide constructive feedback. There are many training courses out there you can enrol in, but you may also find hiring a coach to be of benefit in re-learning those lost skills in face to face communication.

By taking the time to relearn these skills, you will be able to have much deeper conversations with your best friend, family member, or even a stranger, and respond appropriately to the situation. As a result, your will have the confidence and skills to help them resolve their concerns and create a level of trust.

`The art of communication is powerful and is one of the most rewarding experiences to cultivate genuine social connection’.

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