Cultivating mindful relationships

Mindfulness not only helps your awareness, but it builds compassion and empathy in your day to day relationships with yourself and others. By understanding your own motivations and feelings, you are able to pause and check in on how things really are– not how you think they should be.

Here are three ways mindfulness can help your awareness in cultivating a mindful relationship with yourself.

Mindfulness is your early wellbeing warning system

  • Stop the monkey mind and learn to recognise when your thoughts race ahead
  • Recognise negative and positive thoughts
  • Understand how your body responds to stressors
  • Learn to recognise when you fall into unhealthy patterns of behaviour

Helps you to understand yourself and your why

  • Learn and know what feels right and wrong
  • Gain perspective on your goals to make better decisions
  • Learn to let go of what does not serve your values anymore
  • See the big picture and understand things are more than black and white

Mindfulness helps you recognise your stressors

  • Learning to disconnect from distractions so you can reconnect with yourself
  • Creates space to reduce white noise
  • Helps to reduce anxiety created by your busy life activities

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