The energy within helps you to define yourself

We all have limiting, historical beliefs. Things that we have learned to believe are true – when in fact they are not. But what if those limiting beliefs were holding you back from living the life you were meant to live?

It is important to stop and identify these blocks in your subconscious mind that continually fuel your limiting belief system. You can learn to address these with a new outlook on life with inspiration. It starts with defining who you are and pushing aside any doubts about a negative self-image.

Are you continuously talking about yourself in the negative which in turn is leading to others following that pattern? If yes, then ask yourself a couple of questions to turn that negative self-talk into a positive.

First, is it really true or have you allowed your limiting belief systems to believe it? For example, you may think you cannot do a task simply because once you tried and it didn’t work, or someone told you that you were bad at doing it. This belief became part of your programming so that each time you came to do the task, you automatically assumed you couldn’t do it.

Now ask yourself, could it be that you do not have the skill or experience in a particular area to do that task? When you have guidance at the start and continue to work on a task until you master it, your confidence increases.

Then ask why you are making those comments about yourself? For example, you turn down a new challenging task because you don’t want to do it, or you hope that by talking negatively about yourself then someone else will do it. Are you trying to manage your expectations so that others don’t ask too much of you? Is this really the impression you want to give others about you?

Now think about a stranger you do not know saying negative comments about themselves. You don’t know them so you would quite possibly believe those statements are true. Would you have any reason not to believe what they say about themselves? What would it lead you to think about them?

Break the cycle of negativity

Next time you say something negative about yourself, start to take notes in a journal. Write down what those comments were, what reaction you had, what your thoughts were at the time, what were the circumstances, what were you doing, what did others say and how did they react.

Notice any patterns or anything you would like to change? Talk to a trusted friend or family member about some of the negative comments you say about yourself. Do they believe those words are true? What is their response?

Once you identify why you talk negatively about yourself, you have the power to turn it around and change those limiting beliefs. Remember you are actually quite capable of doing something, you just need to believe you can.

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