Clean up your air for better lung health

It’s not just the cold winter nights (and days) that can cause lung problems. The environment you live in and interact with every day is just as harmful to your lung health. It may or may not come as a surprise to learn that the air inside is even more toxic than outside.

There are a number of pollutants around the house or your workplace that are emitted without you noticing, which you then may be breathing in. Toxins can be emitted from pollutants such as car exhausts, central heating, pesticides, mould, furniture paint, gas and wood burning stoves, cleaning products, malfunctioning appliances and photocopier fumes to name just a few.

Go chemical free

You should keep indoors as chemical free as possible by using natural cleaners and products. Using cleaning products laced with toxic chemicals once a week has been shown in studies to cause lung function in women to decline as if they were smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

Clean ventilation systems

Good ventilation such as with a HEPA filter can help to clean up the air inside. You can learn more about one type of HEPA filter here, but there are plenty on the market and you should research several if you choose to invest in one. You don’t have to invest in a filter as they can get quite costly, regular cleaning and vacuuming can also clean up the air inside. Alternatively, if you exhaust fans, these can be used to also reduce moisture build up before it turns into mould.

Healthy lifestyle

Making small improvements to your everyday lifestyle can go a long way including diet and exercise. Exercise allows more oxygen to circulate more air through your body allowing the heart and lungs to work more effectively.

Breathing technique

Practising correct breathing techniques such as deep belly breathing will work to strengthen your body and in turn improve lung health. As a result, you will find ourself breathing easier and feeling healthier.

Boost your immune system

Protect yourself from illness by prioritising time for rest and sleep. Your body goes into a state of repair when you are sleeping because it is in a relaxed state. When the body and mind are relaxed then healing will begin. If you have to go out in the cold, early morning air you may find it useful to cover your nose and mouth with a clean scarf. Breathing in the cold air can cause ailments such as bronchitis.

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