Lung health and your emotions

Did you know that your emotions can play a part in your lung health? Just like negative thoughts can impact on your emotional health, so too do emotions affect your lungs.

When you feel bad or lack energy, especially during the winter months, you may start to feel depressed. Your brain catches this signal and sends those negative thoughts into your body causing your breath to become short and ragged. As a result, your lungs which need oxygen to keep your body in working order find that they are not getting enough air to do their job effectively. This makes it difficult to breathe causing more stress on your body and increasing your likelihood of illness.

On the other hand, when you think good thoughts your body and mind feels more positive. This has a positive effect on your breath becoming longer and slower allowing more oxygen to flow into your lungs.

When your lungs can work at their best, you will find that you can breathe much better and naturally. As a result, you will find your chance of becoming sick reduces and you can enjoy the winter months better.

So, what can you do to improve your lung health?

Breathing exercises such as mindfulness meditation can help you relax and breathe easier. To keep your thoughts positive, surround yourself with likeminded friends, family and support networks where you can enjoy social activities that double as nurturing and relaxing.

An evening breathing exercise to practice is the deep muscle relaxation exercise. You can download a free sample from my Wellbeing Resources page. The more you practise, the easier and more naturally you will find your breath comes to support your lung health.


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