Appreciating the present moment

When you are present in the moment, it is easier to appreciate and savour each experience in life. Being present is a passive form of mindfulness and has positive effects on your mental wellbeing.

Of course, you might think you need money to experience a variety of events, but not always. While money is helpful, if you do not immerse yourself consciously in the experience, you may not appreciate the event and the happiness of being present.

Being aware of your experiences as they take place has positive psychological benefits which include building stronger relationships with family and friends while improving your problem solving abilities.

The following four ways will allow you to be present and savour each experience in life.


The more you look forward to an event or an experience, the happier you feel. It gives you something to look forward to. Even if it is a simple pleasure such as a cup of tea or coffee and your favourite book. You know it is enjoyable and it will be an activity you will be able to practice being present.


Learning to appreciate the art of being present can be practised by appreciating your favourite music or sitting on the back porch watching the sunrise or sunset. Just noticing how beautiful it is and immersing yourself in the experience of just being. The art of doing nothing but appreciating the beauty around you can bring happiness without costing you.


Do you remember a time when you felt truly happy?  Reminiscing on a moment when you felt happy helps to boost your mental wellbeing and allow you the confidence to handle a tough day. You may think that spending time thinking about the past is contradictory to being present. However, it can actually help you gain perspective and clarity on challenges you may be facing in the present. Thinking about a happy moment gives you a sense of comfort and the more detail you can recall can have a positive impact on your mood.


It’s not in our nature as humans to make a big deal out of our accomplishments but sharing that experience with a close friend or family is actually good for your wellbeing. When you share an achievement you experience a feeling of happiness, jubilation contentment and a host of positive feelings sending feel good chemicals into the body. Making the most of sharing happy memories is also great for your social health.

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