Chair yoga for relaxation and inner peace

In addition to building muscle strength as I wrote in last week’s post, Chair Yoga is also great for promoting relaxation and inner peace because it includes a short meditation practice as well.

As your chair yoga and meditation journey begins, you will start to notice a change in how you feel. Relaxation will soon come naturally as you learn to release the tension you hold in your body from a busy week of life.

Chair yoga and meditation can assist identify where you hold the most tension in your body. As you move through each pose, you will also be practising deep breathing and meditation which many studies have shown to have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

Not only do you get the physical benefits of chair yoga, but you also gain the mental wellbeing gains as well. Chair yoga requires you to be present in the here and now. As you work through each pose, you are mindfully scanning your body for tension and relaxing those muscles.

Chair yoga helps to reduce stress on the mind and body, easing headaches and improves sleep.

Attend a chair yoga class

At Living a Wholistic Life, I strive to better the lives of community members through various wellness programs and classes – chair yoga being one of them. Chair Yoga and Meditation classes are currently being held at the Woodcroft/Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Community Centre.

To see how you can benefit physically and mentally from chair yoga, enrolments are now open to enrol in a class.

Book a Class

In case you missed it on my Facebook channel, here is a demonstration of an adapted sun salutation that can be practised for awakening your body’s energy.

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