Chair yoga to build muscle strength

Based on the traditional form of floor yoga, many of poses can be adapted to chair yoga allowing for all levels of experience from beginners through to advanced who sometimes may just want a gentle relaxing workout.

By including a chair in yoga practice it provides extra security and stability for you while transitioning through the poses. It makes what you may perceive as a complex form of exercise, easier to participate in at a gentler pace – making it an enjoyable experience.

Chair yoga is suitable for anyone including those with limited mobility, recovering from minor injuries, travellers and office workers who are desk bound all day as it increases blood circulation through your body.

Like floor yoga, chair yoga is a great choice for building muscle strength. As we get older, our bodies lose their muscle mass making mobility difficult and increasing the risk of injury. The poses in chair yoga are designed to maintain your muscle strength and tone the body.

Poses such as warrior one, warrior two and reverse warrior are easily adaptable to the chair and work to build and strengthen your core, arms, legs and back muscles. These poses when practised regularly will improve your mobility and strength so you can keep active while having the confidence to live a healthy life.

The goal of chair yoga is allowing you to feel strong and confident in your ability to complete everyday tasks without the worry of being unsteady on your feet.

Attend a chair yoga class

At Living a Wholistic Life, I strive to better the lives of community members through various wellness programs and classes – chair yoga being one of them.

From the 7 January 2023, I will be holding in person chair yoga classes at the Woodcroft/Morphett Vale Neighbour Community Centre.

To learn more about my Chair Yoga classes and to book a class, please visit:

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