Stress free Christmas with mindful meditation

Christmas is just around the corner. Next week to be exact. For some it is the happiness time of year, but for others it can strike fear into their already stressful day. The pressure of hosting the perfect family Christmas lunch (or dinner), obligations to attend parties, presents, and all the activities that come with the season.

It’s understandable that the holiday season can invoke stress and fear into even the most organised person.

Mindfulness meditation can help you regain control of the season. Being mindful is about being present and experiencing the moment. So, it doesn’t have to be done as a sitting meditation if you find it challenging.

Being mindful can be done in almost any activity you participate in every day.

It can be as simple as listening to your favourite piece of music where you find yourself in a state of flow (or in the zone). You are fully engaged in the enjoyment of listening to the music in the present moment.

Add to that mindful listening, conscious breathing and you are mindfully meditating without much effort. Simply focusing on your breath while you listen to the music – note by note – tone by tone – beat by beat – will allow you to be mindful without the pressure of trying to understand meditation.

As you are aware, there are many studies supporting the science behind mindful meditation. Consistent practice of being mindful has a positive effect on your wellbeing – physically, mentally and emotionally. As the holiday season is a stressful time, getting into a regular routine of mindfulness can help reduce anxiety, stress and chase away depression.

Mindfulness strengthens your cognitive ability to focus, which is important as you juggle all your festive activities.

This is important as we find Christmas almost upon us. Remember to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to prioritise your own self-care. Mindful meditation may just help you retain your sanity to enjoy the festive season this year.

Here is a short meditation to get you started.

A Christmas meditation

  • Take a moment in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted or distracted. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, or lie down on the floor or your bed, and focus on your breathing.
  • Feel the warm breath as it leaves your body through your nostrils and then feel the cool air as it comes in and fills your lungs.
  • Gradually allow your entire body to relax, note any tension held in your muscles and just let it go.
  • Thoughts may enter your mind, this is normal, simply acknowledge them and watch them float away like clouds in the sky.
  • Bring your mind back to your point of focus – your breath.
  • Try to sit and simply be present without thought of the past or future. Allow yourself to simply just be.

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