Challenging societal expectations

Sometimes when you choose to follow the path expected of you in society it can decrease your happiness in life. Following the status quo may suit some, but for those who want more it can lead to feelings of discontentment. As a result it can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

Each individual is unique in what they want their life to be yet as children we are guided in life by our parents and community. This is the path expected in society. However, as you look around and grow, that world may not feel right for you.

It is only when we start to grow and expand our network do we learn that perhaps there is another life path that interests us”.

Not everyone is interested in following what we will call the traditional route through life. School, university, work, marriage, family, buying a house, retirement. For some people it works, and that is great. There is nothing wrong with that path when it makes you happy. But for those of us on the less traditional path this can feel uncomfortable.

The less traditional route to finding your true purpose can contain a few twists, turns and loops on the path of life. However, not everyone will understand your need to follow a different life path. Sometimes it can be hard to digress down a different path to your family and friends, but for your happiness and health it is something to navigate gently.

Over time the social norms have evolved as well, so what was expected when your parents were growing up may be very different to the world you now know. Family structures, the job for life, household living arrangements and even how work is done have all evolved.

No longer is the nine to five office the normal workplace because technology allows you the flexibility to work anytime from anywhere.

The location independent lifestyle may look attractive to those who don’t feel the traditional life path is right for them. There may be others who see working from home as the preferred lifestyle for their needs.

Choosing a different life path to those around you requires some deep reflection and looking consciously at what you want in life.

This starts from understanding your core values and yourself more deeply”.

It is important not to jump straight into changing your life without careful consideration of what your choices might mean. As you start to explore an alternative lifestyle, consider seeking out community groups or likeminded people who are already living the life that you envision.

Take time to discuss with them about why they chose to head down that path and what their lifestyle is like. Finding out what inspired them to chase their dream outside of societal expectations can help you decide if that life is for you.

As you are reflecting and discovering your ideal life, you will come across negativity from those around you. Don’t let this impact on your decision to find your happiness. It can be hard when it is family or a close friend criticising you but talking and allowing them to understand why you want to change your life path may help them understand.

Sometimes it might take a while as they may judge your choices as irresponsible. Sometimes your courage to step outside your comfort zone may inspire them to reassess their life path as well.

In life, we are all on a different journey that holds meaning for us individually”.

Once you find your true purpose, fulfillment and happiness; you will be set on the right path for you.

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