Be yourself – your way

Be yourself, everyone else is taken – Oscar Wilde

This is one of my favourite quotes and although it was coined years ago, it is still so relevant today as it was then.

There is only one you and you are unique. When you buy into what society expects you to be you may never reach your highest potential or be your true self.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one and should be nourished at every opportunity. Your relationship with you defines everything you do. When you are at your best, you can then be available mentally, physically and emotionally to care and support the people you love who depend on you.

Setting boundaries is a big part of knowing who you are and how you fit into the world. You have the power to adjust these as necessary to align with your purpose and values so that you are living as your true being.

Below are a few principles for practising to be yourself:

  • Set aside time each day – or week – to reflect on what you are doing well. Celebrate your achievements and the good things in your life. Your reflection should also include looking at what you will do well in the future.
  • It is okay to say no to what does not serve you as it opens up the opportunity to say yes to what matters.
  • Use kind words when you speak to yourself because you are listening – always.
  • Forgiveness is freedom. When you practise forgiveness you will enjoy life and what it has to offer you.
  • The more forgiving you are with yourself the more generous you will be in your relationships with others.
  • You will make mistakes – everyone does. Remember, you are only human, and it is okay.
  • Forget about hindsight, the good thing about growing is that you learn from your mistakes. It is impossible to know everything you needed to know in the past. Be gentle on yourself.
  • Don’t allow other’s criticism to define you or convince you that it is true. Quite often criticism comes from a faceless being who really has no control over you.

And finally, forget about the signs of ageing as a bad thing. Be grateful for the skin you are in and the life you have led. Your age markings are a privilege that you have survived life and all its challenges so far.

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