Walk tall to happiness

Your posture and the way you hold yourself has a big impact on your health and wellbeing – and ultimately your happiness. A healthy posture begins in the mind where you have stored memories of how you should move depending on your past experiences.

Think about how your body responds or practise observing how you move in a stressful moment. When you walk are you strides short or long? Do you find yourself clenching your fists or does your stomach twist itself in knots at the thought of a difficult subject?

These are all reactions that lead to you feeling unhappy As you know, body language speaks louder than words. Those around you can tell how you are feeling without you having to say a word simply by observing how you hold yourself. Your posture will portray your confidence levels, whether you are being truthful or deceptive, if you are vulnerable, afraid or unsure.

The way your body speaks is significant as your posture, breathing rate, muscular tension and even simple acts like walking affect your brain. When your posture slumps over the brain steps in to tell the body which mood signals to send out.

However, a healthy, upright posture will allow you to show yourself in a positive and confident light.

Four steps to happiness

Shoulders back

Remember when you parents reminded you to stand up straight and pull your shoulders back? It was a simple message but a powerful act that standing upright would help you feel more confident, poised, powerful and believe in yourself.

Slow deep breathing

Shallow breathing blocks sensations and emotions from flowing freely throughout your body. It also sends a signal to your brain that there is something wrong. Take a moment to focus consciously on your breathing and practise taking longer, fuller breaths to allow your energy to flow easily.

Walk barefoot

Years of walking in shoes, sometimes those that don’t fit properly, may have impacted on your balance. Tight shoes cause those toes to curl up so that it makes it difficult to balance and in turn causing you to tense and lock your body to keep balance. Walking barefoot on the grass will not only help ground you but it will allow your toes to spread out and help you regain your natural balance.

Relax your body

When you are under pressure your abdomen and hip muscles tend to tense up preventing your body from working at its optimal peak. When your hips are tense, the diaphragm is affected. Take time to consciously relax your muscles can reduce tension and allow you to feel calm and improve your body posture.

A happy posture = a happier spirit and a more balanced body and mind.

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