Soothe sore muscles naturally

Sore muscles can seem more tense during winter as the cold settles in. You experience sore muscles from a number of sources such as exercise, carrying items, etc. Looking after your wellbeing during the cold months can be a challenge but not impossible. With the increased availability of natural wellbeing products on the market you can be spoiled for choice, but these can also be expensive.

However, your pantry might just hold the solution to age old natural remedies that have proven effective for thousands of years.

Here are three of the most popular ones that you can pick up from your local supermarket during the weekly grocery shop.


With its Thai history, ginger has become a wonder food used in to boost the flavour of your meals. But it can also be used to sooth sore muscles. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that are natural. The juice from freshly grated ginger massaged into sore joints and muscles generates heat and increases circulation leading to muscle and tissue repair.

Use ginger as a hot compress by boiling in water grated ginger roots wrapped in a natural fibre cloth tied with a string. When it is boiled, lift it out the water and with tongs and drain excess water. When it is cool enough but still warm, gently place the compress onto your sore muscle area. When the compress gets cold, simply put it back in the pot of water and boil it again. For continuous heat, you may consider making two or three compresses to rotate.


A popular Ayurvedic remedy used in India for 5000 years this yellow root herb is commonly used to also flavour your food or spice up your smoothie. Turmeric also contains anti-inflammatory properties that heal when applied onto your skin to reduce inflammation and soothe painful joints.

For tea lovers, add turmeric into a cup of chai latte. Mix together turmeric powder, cinnamon pods, cloves, cinnamon stick, black pepper and boil in filtered water. Add milk and warm before pouring through a strainer into your favourite mug.


Dating back to 1000BC in the times of the pyramids, peppermint has been used by the Egyptians in medicines and as flavouring in food. Peppermint contains a high level of methanol which is a crystalline alcohol used as an inflammatory to soothe muscle discomfort. It brings a cooling sensation into the skin and is also a mild anaesthetic.

Peppermint is popular and effective when used in tea to relieve stress and relax muscle tension. A hot cup of peppermint tea in the morning and evening are perfect ways to start and end your day in a relaxed state.

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