Tea Meditation: for health and wellbeing

There is a reason why the Japanese love their tea and tea ceremonies. The art of making a simple cup of tea while in the present moment has the power to relax the mind and body after a hectic day. The way of tea as it is referred to in Japan is a ritual ceremony where the participants are fully immersed in the art of making and savouring the tea. However, your tea meditation does not have to be as elaborate as that of a Japanese tea ceremony.

You can recreate your own tea meditation in a quiet place in your home where you will not be disturbed. This can be any room where you feel relaxed and can let go of any stressors to focus on you.

Creating your sacred tea meditation space is a ritual in mindfulness as you carefully choose your tea, pour the hot water and let the aromatic sensations take you into your inner world where you can be present, find clarity and restore balance.

Your tea meditation

  • Bring your full attention to the process of making your tea. Pour the hot water into the teapot and allow the dried tea leaves to come to life.
  • Sit in your comfortable space with your teapot and tea cup.
  • Take note of the aroma of your chosen tea. Savour that smell for a moment.
  • Settle into a quiet meditation and allow your breath to settle into a natural rhythm.
  • When your tea has brewed, slowly lift the teapot and pour the tea into your cup. Allow yourself to notice the colour of the amber liquid as it flows into your cup.
  • Set the teapot aside and sit a moment in silence with your cup of tea.
  • Be fully present and breathe.
  • Notice the colour of your tea. Notice the rising steam. Notice if any bubbles surface.
  • Focus on the moment and feel gratitude for your cup of tea. Feel gratitude for its healing and calming properties.
  • Sit in quiet meditation.
  • Pick up your cup and inhale the aroma of your tea. Notice the scent of your tea.
  • Raise the cup to your lips and take a slow, mindful sip. Allow your breathing to become natural, without effort. Allow yourself to feel completely relaxed and in this moment.
  • If you feel like a big sigh, then allow one to pass your lips. Let the weight of any worry lift from your shoulders and float away like the clouds in the sky.
  • Thoughts, emotions and feelings may enter your mind as you continue to sip your tea. This is normal. Simply acknowledge them without judgement then bring your focus back to your tea.
  • Allow yourself to pay attention to the experience of sipping the tea, being present, still and nurture a deep sense of calm.
  • Let your tea meditation come to a natural end. As you take your final sip, slowly put the cup down and sit quietly in silent meditation for a few minutes.

Take as long as you need to finish your tea meditation.

If you want your meditation to go longer, you can make a fresh pot of tea and start again.

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