Easter around the world

In Australia we celebrate Easter with the traditional hot cross bun like the United Kingdom. However, the death and rising of Jesus Christ is celebrated around the world differently. This week I would like to share a few different traditional easter dishes I discovered from other countries.

Here are just six countries and their traditional Easter dish.

Pizza Chiena – Italy

An easter dish from Napoli is prepared on Good Friday to be eaten on the Holy Saturday. Although its name suggests pizza, the taste is of a savoury pie. Typical ingredients include cured meats, cheeses and egg in dough.

Pashka – Russia

This pyramid shaped dessert is in reference to the tomb of Jesus Christ. It is decorated with symbols including the Cyrillic letters XB which translates as Christ is risen. It is eaten on Easter Sunday and is made of cheese, sugar, egg yolks, butter and dried fruit and is more of a cookie.

Capirotada – Mexico

Consumed in Lent this easter food is bread pudding with fruit, cloves and cinnamon. This traditional easter dessert symbolises the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with the bread symbolising his body, cinnamon sticks are the cross and cloves positioned as the nails.

Pascualina Pie – Argentina

Taken from its European roots of Ligurian origin in north Italy this is a savoury dish made of spinach, artichokes, parsley, ricotta and boiled eggs. The pie symbolises the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the 33 layers of dough resembling each year of his life.

Mammi – Finland

A traditional dessert served at Easter and made from rye flour, malt, molasses, water, salt and orange zest. It takes up to four days to prepare and is served on Good Friday with cream.

Escovitch – Jamaica

A fish based dish fried and marinated in spicy sauce made of onion, carrot and peppers. It is served with white rice or traditional manioc bread on Good Friday.

Happy Easter!

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