Five natural herb remedies

Staying health naturally is easier than you might think because you are surrounded with natural products you may not have previously considered. The spices hanging around in your kitchen pantry are not just used for flavouring your favourite dishes, they are also good to protect you from illness and bacteria. With all these herbs readily available, you have everything available at your fingertips to boost your immune system and prevent illness.

Here are just five natural herbs from the pantry that you can add in your diet (if not already)


The wonder food of the herb world, this knobbly looking root has the ability to reduce pain, help with digestion and fight nausea. Additionally, ginger can also help with migraines and ease the symptoms of seasickness. You can either add it to your meals or brew it in a steaming mug of hot water and enjoy as a tea.


You use cinnamon in various recipes when cooking, but it turns out that it is an actually a powerful healing spice. It includes antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can improve blood sugar control for diabetics. Cinnamon contains antioxidants and is high in fibre making it a good to reduce heartburn and lower cholesterol.


Cloves give off a nice, warm aroma but they are also great for numbing the pain caused by toothaches. Cloves contain antioxidants and can provide protection against bacteria and heart disease.


The oil in nutmeg can help fight Alzheimer’s disease as well as helping to ease the discomfort of nausea, gastro and indigestion. Additionally, because of the compound eugenol it contains, nutmeg can also provide benefits for good heart health.


Another wonder food with a strong pungent aroma, garlic works to aid a number of illnesses including atherosclerosis, cancer, immune disorders, cerebral ageing, arthritis and cataract formation. The active ingredient in garlic is allicin which helps fight infection and prevents colds and flu. Garlic is one such herb you will want to stock up on for winter!

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