The gut brain connection to mood

Your digestive system works at its best when you are in a relaxed state. As you are aware, when you are in a stressed state your digestive system shuts down in order to prepare you deal with that stressful event.

The head brain and gut brain communicate with each other to regulate your mental and emotional wellbeing including memory and mood. For example when you experience irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea or bloating; the gastrointestinal system signals your central nervous system triggering mood changes.

Improving your gut health

There are many studies to show a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and natural foods such as Mediterranean and plant based diets are best for maintaining a healthy gut. Yet most people are not getting enough natural foods and fibre in their diets.

Teas are well known for helping to boost your health, especially herbal teas.

I have pulled together three natural herbs that can be used in teas and are anti-inflammatory drinks to aid your digestive system.

When you gut is happy, you are happy.


Chamomile is known more widely as a tea to help with sleep and a natural stress relief. Chamomile is a gentle herb that helps sooth stomach pain as it works to relax your muscles and your digestive system.


A traditional Ayurvedic tea in India, Cumin works as a digestive aid and metabolism booster with an ability to stimulate the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, essential for digestion. Cumin helps boost liver and stomach health because of the antioxidants in the cumin seeds discharge of toxins from your body. At the same time cumin controls the regular activities of your internal organs.


Similar to turmeric, curcumin is a brightly coloured spice which works to reduce inflammation in your body. When you mix turmeric with black pepper it adds an extra boost in your body to help digest curcumin.


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