The right tea for your health

The benefits of tea have been widely communicated on many platforms with green tea taking the lead. Green tea is a popular choice for cleansing and detoxifying harmful toxins out of the body. But there six more teas that can provide health benefits for other ailments.

Six natural herb health teas for you to try are listed below:

Thyme Tea

Next time you get an annoying cough in your throat, a warm cup of thyme tea can help ease that scratchy, tickling feeling.  Simply add eight to 10 sprigs of thyme into a cup of boiling water and leave to brew for five minutes. Sipping thyme tea can reduce the inflammation in the throat easing that annoying cough.

Lemon Tea

I wrote in a previous post that lemons were my go to for a natural cleanse. But they are also great for chasing away a sore throat. A cup of warm lemon tea before bed is the perfect way to settle down for a relaxing rest.

Chamomile Tea

Better known as a relaxant to aid your sleep, chamomile is also perfect for calming an upset stomach. The anti-inflammatory property in chamomile helps ease gastrointestinal problems to ease stomach discomfort.

Peppermint Tea

Each morning I make myself a cup of peppermint tea which is a great fatigue buster. The crisp taste immediately perks you up in the morning ready to deal with those challenging tasks.

Passionflower Tea

A cup of passionflower tea relaxes the mind to lower brain activity of the monkey mind and help you settle down to a peaceful night’s sleep. Next time you feel insomnia setting in, pour a relaxing cup of passionflower tea.

Cinnamon Tea

The spice in cinnamon contains anti-bacterial properties that work to decrease inflammation in the body while boosting good cholesterol. A warm cup of cinnamon tea not only reduces blood pressure but has the benefits of fighting bad breath and easing tension headaches.

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