The power of lemons

Last week I wrote about detoxifying drinks that help aid your digestion. This week I would like to home in on one that I use regularly. That is the yellow, citrus fruit known as the lemon. Lemons have the ability to provide you with a natural health high so it’s little wonder that they are often overlooked as a superfood.

Lemons have the power to cleanse and detox your body to remove harmful toxins while giving your skin a healthy glow.

The following are just a few of the holistic healing properties lemons can provide you:

Promotes hydration to rehydrate your whole body

Lemons contain vitamin C which will boost your immune system to allow you to fight off colds and flu. It does this by increasing the production of white blood cells which are your natural defence against bacteria and virus attacks. Lemons help your body to produce enough antibodies to remove bacteria and infection.

Helps to fight cold, flu and illness

Builds your immune system and works to prevent coughs, colds, flu, chest infections and respiratory illness. They have also been known to help reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies through its vitamin properties.

Regulates your body’s PH level

The acidity of the lemon helps boost your metabolism and reduces the body’s acidity by eating and drinking alkaline foods. When you drink the lemon water in the morning it lifts the PH level in your body promoting healthy cell function and structure and as a result reducing harmful toxins and bacteria.

Lemon water reduces constipation

If you make a regular habit of drinking lemon water during the day, it increases your rate of urination which in turn helps you purify. The toxins rare in turn released from quickly from the body boosting the health of your urinary tract system.

Improves skin quality for cleaner, brighter, healthy glow

The nutrients in lemons will improve brightness and glow in your skin. In addition, the Vitamin C also works to reduce facial blemishes by eradicating harmful toxins from your bloodstream.

Supports weight loss

Drinking lemon water daily can help reduce food cravings so you are not tempted to reach for an unnecessary snack. The pectin fibre and polyphenols in lemons has the ability to control the accumulation of body fat. As a result, warm lemon water added to your fitness regime can assist in maintaining body weight.

Freshens breath

Use lemon as a natural mouthwash to freshen your breath, relieve tooth pain and fight gingivitis. However, take care about brushing your teeth with lemon water too much as the citric acid can erode tooth enamel. It is recommended that you speak to your dentist for advice before doing so.

Lemons good for the brain and heart

The high potassium in lemons helps to stimulate brain activity and nerve function. Potassium is important for the basic cell and muscle function and monitoring body’s fluid balance. The high potassium in lemons (80 grams) also works to control blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Helps your digestion system

Add a daily dose of fresh lemon to your day when planning your meals in your Food Journal and prepare your body for nutritious food. Warm lemon water provides a natural detoxification for your digestive system by flushing out unwanted toxins and assisting your liver to produce the acid bile essential for digestion.

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