How to get the benefits of eating mindfully

When you eat mindfully not only do you take the time to truly enjoy your food you also feel more satisfied as your mind and body are registering what you are eating. Eating mindfully encourages you to eat more slowly, which offers a host of health benefits.

Your digestion starts in the mouth. By chewing your food slowly and thoroughly means it can break down easier so your body can digest the and absorb the nutrients.

Eating more slowly has also been proven that you consume less calories. This is due to the brain having time to register what you are eating and identify when you are full.

When you rush through your meal, eating quickly, more air is absorbed into the stomach causing that uncomfortable feeling of bloating and gas.

To get the full benefits of mindful eating set up your space with no distractions in a quiet environment. Ensure that you are seated at a table and focused on your meal.

From your seated position, take three deep belly breaths and use that moment to express gratitude for what is on your plate. Be thankful for the journey your food has taken to get to your plate. Use all your senses to enjoy the colours, textures, and aromas of the food.

Once you begin, savour the food by eating slowly and observing the taste. Chew thoroughly and put your cutlery down between bites.

If your thoughts pull your awareness away from your meal, notice whether the pace of your eating quickens. Often half your meal disappears before you even realise you have eaten it.

Take a moment to bring your awareness back to the plate in front of you. Once again, take a few deep breaths and as you resume eating tune back into your senses.

Plan your mindful eating journey with a copy of your Food Journal which helps you analyse what you eat and how you eat.


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