Mindful eating for your wellbeing

Eating while multitasking or under stress means that you are not focused on your food. How you eat is just as important as what you eat. Mindless eating causes indigestion when you are not thoroughly chewing your food because you are not focused on eating.

When you eat mindfully, it will support proper digestion of your food. Your mind and body can properly absorb the food it needs as fuel and dispel harmful toxins.

How to eat mindfully

The following are a few simple tips you can adopt easily to set you on a journey of mindful eating.

  • Eat your meals at the same time each day so your digestive system can settle into a routine of fuel and rest.
  • Clear out all distractions such as your mobile phone, the television and any other item that may distract you from focusing on your meal.
  • Sit at the table with a relaxed, comfortable posture during your meal.
  • Before you start eating, take a deep breath and feel gratitude and appreciation for the foods on your plate. Feel appreciation for the journey the food has been on from growing, harvesting, transportation, sales and preparation.
  • If you eat with company, keep the conversation on positive topics and avoid arguments or negative talk.
  • If you eat alone, avoid reading a book or other distractions. Take a mindful breath and admire the view out of your window or other pleasant view.
  • Use all your sense to enjoy your meal (enjoy the colours, smells and aroma of the meal.
  • For each bite, chew your food at least 10 times savouring the taste, flavour, and texture of each bite.

Consider the need for seconds

Allow your stomach to settle after your meal for a few seconds and assess whether or not you really feel like another serving. Take a few breaths and allow your meal to settle down in your stomach. Wait for a burp, a natural burp is the signal that you are full.

The benefits of mindful eating

When you have no distractions around you during a meal, you soon notice how much more enjoyable it is. You are much more focused on the action of eating and how appetising it looks. Your awareness opens up to the smells, tastes, textures and feelings of the beautiful meal in front of you.

Mindful eating can allow you to have more control over the size of your meal portions which means you control how much you consume. When you give your full attention to a meal you increase your enjoyment, appreciation, and gratitude for what you have prepared.

Setting your mindful eating goal with your food journal

Start your mindful journey today by purchasing your seven-day food journal. It takes you through how to set your goal, identify your hunger level before you record and reflect on your daily food habits.


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