Your mental health at Christmas

Christmas is a time for spending with family and friends. While some people find Christmas enjoyable, others dread the day when it comes around each year. It can be especially draining on your mental health especially if you overcommit to social obligations. It can leave you tired and emotionally drained.

Below are some practical tips on how you can take care of you this Christmas season and still enjoy time with friends and family.

Reframe how you think about Christmas

  • Spend a reflective moment and write out a list of what is important to you during the holiday season. What is it that you will really value doing and who will you enjoy spending your time with?
  • Don’t judge yourself too hard and let yourself be the way you feel. Give yourself permission to be you.
  • Plan a Christmas that works for you.

Set clear boundaries and expectations

  • Have clear boundaries with your family and friends. Set expectations in advance so there is no miscommunication.
  • Be sure to balance your sense of social obligations against your need for self-care. This means prioritising your wellbeing and giving yourself permission to say no.

Planning your Christmas

  • Plan for the unexpected and allow time for a change in your schedule.
  • Be sure to plan events outside of your obligations that are just for you.
  • Prioritse and tackle one thing at a time”
  • Balance your sense of social obligations against your need for self-care”

Your Christmas self-care action plan

  • Spend time in nature and just be present and notice what is around you
  • Spend at least 20 minutes in meditation each day
  • Set time for you to do what makes you happy
  • Sleep in at least one day over the Christmas holiday
  • Pamper yourself by taking warm bath
  • Keep up your daily exercise regime (walking, cycling, jogging, etc)
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year!

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