Cultivate mindful relationships

Mindfulness not only helps your awareness but it builds compassion and empathy in your day to day relationships with other people. By understanding your own motivations and feelings, allows you to stop, pause and see how things really are – not how you think they should be.

Mindfulness shows us that it is okay to be okay with change and that nothing will stay the same. Often when you are goal driven, mindfulness helps recognise when you get caught up in the day to day things. It gives you a reminder to focus on your goals and remember the bigger picture of how you fit into this world and of the relationships you create and cultivate along the way.

Here are some of the ways mindfulness can help your awareness in cultivating mindful relationships:

Mindfulness acts as an early warning system for your physical and mental wellbeing

πŸ’œ. Stop the monkey mind

πŸ’œ. Recognise when your thoughts race ahead

πŸ’œ. Recognise negative and positive thoughts

πŸ’œ. Understand how your body responds to stressors

πŸ’œ. Recognise when you fall into unhealthy patterns of behaviour

It boosts your confidence and helps you to understand yourself and your motivations

πŸ’›. Know what feels right and wrong

πŸ’›. Make better decisions

πŸ’›. Gain perspective on your goals

πŸ’›. Know when to let go of of wha does not serve your values

πŸ’›. See things as other than black and white

πŸ’›. Be compassionate to self and let go of perfection

πŸ’›. Be satisfied with wha you have and that you don’t need a lot to be happy

Mindfulness helps you recognise your stressors

πŸ’š. Recognising that the more connected you are, the more distracted you become

πŸ’š. Creates space to reduce white noise

πŸ’š. Reduce anxiety created by busy overload

However, mindfulness is not for everyone and it requires a commitment and time. It does not make your challenges disappear, it allows you to develop awareness and recognise the stressors impacting your life,The more you practise and bring attention to a point of focus (your breath) the more awareness you will achieve.

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