Movement meditation for physical and emotional wellbeing

There are many styles of meditation so choosing one to suit your circumstances. Your why for starting and continuing a meditation practice. If sitting or walking meditation are not for you, there is always movement meditation to energise your mind and body.

What is movement meditation, you ask? It is a practice of intentional breathing exercises while you move your body. Think Tai Chi or Qi Gong which are the two more popular forms of movement meditation. However, there are other ways to practise moment meditation such as: walking, dancing and even gardening.

It is important to a style for you and your meditation goals, but also one which you will find motivating.


You don’t need to be coordinated or know any particular dance steps. The intent of dancing meditation is to let the music guide your movements. You become aware of each movement you make as you allow your body to relax into the moment. Pick music that inspires your mood and lifts you up.

Qi Gong

An ancient Chinese practice of healing – controlled breathing and gentle movement – often used in some martial arts classes. Qi Gong consists of passive movements for instilling an aura of calm and active movements for boosting energy and motivation. If you want to learn more, please visit the Qi Gong Institute’s website.

Tai Chi

The simple, flowing movements of tai chi allow you to relax and feel the benefits of this style of movement meditation. Tai chi is also a good place to start for beginners as it can be adapted to all fitness levels. There are different styles of tai chi to suit fitness levels and ability. As a beginner a tai chi instructor will recommend you start with yang which focuses on slow, graceful movements and relaxation. If you enjoy yang, you can move onto Wu which is also practised slowly before you challenge yourself with the more complex styles of tai chi.


When you think about meditation gardening is probably the last activity you would think of. However, gardening has been shown to be therapeutic when you apply the principles of meditation with the coordinated movements of gardening, Research has discovered that the bacteria in soil can activate your brain cells and produce much needed serotonin to boost your mood. Plants need care and attention, as you move your hands in slow, deliberate movements across a vegetable garden you become more mindful, focused and relaxed.

The benefits

The more you embrace the at of movement meditation, the greater the benefits you will receive from a regular practice; including:

🧡. Increased balance.

🧡. Decreased stress and anxiety.

🧡. Reduced symptoms of illness.

🧡. Improved focus and cognition.

🧡. Improved mood.

🧡. Improved sleep.

🧡. Achieve a flow state for improved productivity.

Your challenge this week

Pick one of the movement meditation techniques in today’s post and allow yourself to be immersed in the activity. Let me know about your experience by email on

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