How to boost your physical health at work?

Maintaining your physical health in the workplace can be a challenge, especially if you are desk bound or spent many hours in a stationary position. As you work away diligently on your tasks, your body will start to tense up to the point it starts screaming at you to move. No-one should spend too long in one position for too long without at least a 20 minute stretch break.

I know it is easier said than done because we all have the right intention to keep active and move. However, quite often if we are concentrating on a task, we will forget the time and not realise we have worked through to lunch – without moving. I know I am guilty of this more than I want to admit. But I have come up with a few stretch exercises to ensure that I am not consistently in one position. I have even scheduled some stretch time in my calendar.

These exercises can be done regularly and are designed not to disrupt your workplace.

Stretch it out

Lift both arms above your head as you breath in. Hold it for 1 minute. Slowly lower your arms to your sides and breath out. Repeat this five times every 2 hours.

Getup and walk

Do not email or pick up the phone. It is so easy with technology to call or email someone today – even if they sit next to you. So next time you have to talk to a colleague in the same building – or the same floor – simply stand up and walk over to them. Not only will this get you up and moving, it will also improve face to face communication.

Go for a walk at lunch

No-one will be remembered for working through the lunch period a without a lunch break. Even if you do have deadlines, this is no excuse for not looking after yourself. A short ten minute walk at lunch time will do wonders for your concentration in the afternoon. After all, your brain needs fresh air, too.

The results of taking breaks are a more productive and healthy workforce.  Make time, even set a reminder in you calendar to take a stretch break and  get up, stretch, move – and even dance if your workplace is up for it.

So, by undertaking these simple two activities, soon you will start to notice the difference in your health. Ultimately the healthier you are will make you more positive and productive in the workplace.

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