How to write a reverse bucket list

Following on from last week’s post you are enough, reflecting on your achievements and life events is one thing – but how do you go about it? This post will provide you with tips on how to get started in helping you reflect on what you have achieved so that you can celebrate the amazing things you have done.

The reverse bucket list will also allow you to identify those events which obstructed you from achieving your goals. Most importantly, your list will help you see the activities that made you happy and the experiences that meant the most to you.

To begin, set aside about an hour on your first sitting to allow ample time for reflection on your life.

Settle into a quiet space where you feel safe and relaxed. A place you won’t be disturbed. Add a relaxing scent or calming music to help you relax, if needed.

Grab a notebook and pen to record your memories, events and experiences.

First, just spend time thinking and allow your mind to conjure up events from your past. The following questions may assist you get started:

What experiences have brought you the most happiness and sense of achievement?

🧡 What are you extremely proud of doing?

🧡 What goals and dreams have you realised?

🧡 What were the magical and defining moments?

🧡 What achievements have brought the most meaning and fulfilment?

As thoughts come to you, write them down. Be as detailed as you like. As you write, think about how you felt about each event or experience. Did it make you happy, sad, energised, anxious or inspired?

Allow your thoughts to flow onto the page without judgement. Note down all events that come to mind, such as: personal achievements, career achievements and those dreams you made happen.

As you begin, you may find your memories arise randomly, but if you start from your childhood and work through to the present moment if may be easier to recall those events which have been forgotten.

Don’t just note big events, think of those smaller ones which often turn out to be more meaningful and significant.

As your memories come to mind, let yourself acknowledge those events and allow yourself to be grateful for how those experiences have brought meaning and shaped who you are today.

When you have written all the events you can remember during your sitting, acknowledge that the list may not be complete. You may remember other achievements or experiences later and this is perfectly fine. The list will allow you to come back and reflect on your life when you need to gather your thoughts or set future goals.

Look back over your list at what you have done and see how these events have shaped you into the person you are today. It is a reminder of what you have achieved and challenges you have overcome which will continue to give you confidence to move forward.

You can see just how capable you really are of achieving your goals.

Your reverse bucket list can also be used to help you focus on events that brought you the most happiness.

Use your list as a reminder for when you set new goals to achieve. The events that brought you the most happiness will show you where to focus your energy to live the life that truly has more meaning to you.

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