You are enough

As we approach the end of yet another year, you often find yourself reflecting on what you have not done, rather than your achievements. Each year seems to go by quicker and you put yourself under pressure to set goals for either yourself or what others expect you to achieve. So, you spend your year focused on getting as much done as possible often to the detriment of your own health.

When you focus on future goals, you tend to forget about what you have already achieved. Future plans are good, they give you something to look forward to. It is equally important to stop, reflect and celebrate what you have already achieved.

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to in life? Are you competing with someone else to complete your bucket list?

While it is great to have things to look forward to, bucket lists create competition, jealously, pressure to succeed – all of which also can result in increased stress.

That pressure to succeed or the fear of missing out can eventually compound so you are so preoccupied with the list that you forget to stop and appreciate those experiences and achievements.

The Answer? Write a reverse bucket list.

What is a reverse bucket list, you ask?

It helps you to refine your bucket list of `must-dos’ against what you find meaningful and valuable to your own goals.

Your reverse bucket list is a reflection of what you have done, experiences you have had which complements how you plan and align your goals moving forward.

What are your goals to writing a reverse bucket list?

💛. It helps you understand and recognise what truly lights you up and inspires you.

💛. You can understand what is really important for you in your journey through life.

💛. You learn to understand what experiences are most important to you – big or small.

💛. You learn to focus and align your goals to what you are most passionate about and enjoy doing.

💛. It allows you to see that you really have achieved more than originally thought.

💛. It lets you reflect to see just how you have come and where you look back at the events that defined you and most importantly what made you happy and fulfilled.

💛. It allows you to be grateful for what you have and keeps you grounded in the present.

💛. It takes pressure off of you to race towards the next big goal. You can focus on those goals that really add meaning, purpose and value to your life.

💛. You can understand the real you and gain confidence to choose your own direction in life. You will believe in yourself and avoid imposter syndrome caused when you have doubt in yourself.

Reflecting on your achievements and your life helps you focus more on what makes you happy and stops you feeling the need to compare yourself to others. You can look back and see the great things that happened in your life and feel a sense of contentment and satisfaction you have achieved what is important to you.

And you realise that you really are enough.

Next week we will look at some tips to writing a reverse bucket list.

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