Mindfulness in Action

Over the past couple of weeks we have discussed the benefits of mindfulness and how it can help you live a happy, healthy life. Yet knowing the benefits doesn’t automatically translate into action. This week we look at how you can implement mindful actions into your day when they are needed.

As you know when you are in the middle of a stress response or rushing madly about, you forget all about rational thought. Your usually wise self disappears When this happens, take note of what caused your normally wise self to disappear. Slowly turn your attention to slowing down and becoming aware of what caused you to react like that. Learn to relax and your clear thought will return.

Mindfulness is a skill anyone can learn by creating an environment that is calm and relaxing and learning not to take things too seriously. Learn to take deep breaths between tasks to slow down the momentum of your busy mind as it collects different thoughts during your day.

In fact, why not think of the day as starting the night before. As you are heading off to bed for a good night’s sleep, spend ten minutes practising deep breathing exercises. Your breath is a powerful tool which you can use to completely relax your mind and body setting you up for a peaceful sleep. In the morning, you will be ready to take on the challenges the next day brings.

Each morning, set positive intentions for your day to be mindful and take advantage of each opportunity to be present. Thoughts will pop into your head that are negative. Simply acknowledge them and understand that they are. Just that. Thoughts. They do not control you. You are not your thoughts.

As your day progresses, continue the practise of deep breathing throughout your day when you become aware of stressors building up in your body. Make a deliberate effort to slow down your breathing before settling into a rhythm of deep, fully diaphragmatic breathing to relax your body.

Practise this until it becomes an automatic response to help you manage your stressors.

By taking these. Simple actions each day, you will be able to train yourself to respond to the daily stressors that emerge in a positive, productive and healthy way.

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