The benefits to living a holistic life

When you think about your health and wellbeing, what is the first thing you notice? It’s probably your physical health such as weight or how you look, right? Then next you may focus on your mental health and how you are feeling. These are the main areas most people tend to focus on. Most of the time they will forget to look holistically at themselves.

Your health and wellbeing encompass much more than physical and emotional health. In fact, your wellbeing includes financial, social, career and community health which can impact on your physical and emotional health when out of balance. To ensure that all areas of your wellbeing are in balance you need to look holistically at your whole life.

This is where holistic health coaches can assist you discover where you need balance and help you come up with achievable actions for success.

There are seven areas of your life where holistic living can help you achieve balance.

💜 Health and wellness

💜 Family and relationships

💜 Money and finances

💜 Home and responsibilities

💜 Personal growth and spiritual development

💜 Career and job

💜 Social and community

All these areas can impact on your whole wellbeing even when only one is out of balance. You become distracted while trying to figure out why you’re feeling off. An imbalance in one area of your wellbeing hinders your ability to live the life you dream.

The main imbalance noticeable is when you’re sick or in pain. While medicine focuses on the symptoms, holistic health helps you to uncover and understand the root cause of your illness or pain. It then helps you come up with ways to address those underlying causes by providing your body, mind and soul with what it needs to be healthy.

What is less noticeable is understanding why you may not be achieving what you set out to. This is part of your ability for personal growth and spiritual development. However, spirituality doesn’t mean adopting religion, but instead it is about opening up and embracing the idea of your connection to a higher power. One which needs care and attention like all areas of your wellbeing.

Looking holistically at yourself while understanding and knowing your true potential to grow will allow you achieve your those goals. This is called self reflection and is most commonly achieved through meditation. However, practising mindfulness can also help you understand your true self, what you value and how you want to live.

Looking holistically at your wellbeing means being self aware of your internal world, how you are feeling and taking responsibility for your emotions. Self awareness helps you to understand your true self and what you need to achieve your goals for a happy, healthy life.

In addition, your social and community connection is crucial in finding balance in your life. It’s no secret that humans are naturally social creatures, even if you are an introvert. You crave connection with another person, your work colleagues and your tribe. If the last two years has shown anything, it is that when we cut people off from face to face contact, it adversely impacts their wellbeing. It is important to ensure that you have healthy social connections around you to maintain balance here.

Holistic health helps you to practise the art of mindfulness, relaxation and most importantly, how to prioritise you.


Holistic health does not replace treatment received by your medical practitioner. Holistic health is an alternative therapy that works with medicine to help improve your wellbeing as a whole.

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