Mindful decision-making

In last week’s post we identified the benefits living mindfully and how you can become more aware of simple activities to adopt each day. Mindfulness can also play a part in the effectiveness of your decision making.

Each day you are required to make decisions, some more quickly than others. Often it is those quick decisions which can end up backfiring in a way you don’t achieve the intended. When you use mindfulness, these decisions can still be made quickly but with purpose.

Do you make decisions instinctively such as you get a gut feel for a situation? Or are you someone who tends to react first and regret making that decision later. Do you make decisions out of obligations even though it makes you anxious? By taking a moment to become aware of how your body responds to each situation will allow you to assess which decision is right for you.

Below are some questions to ask yourself in reflection to determine what your decision making style is.

💜 What would making that decision prevent you from doing?

💜 Do you really want to do that activity?

💜 Are you obligated to do that activity?

💜 Put aside your gut instinct for a moment, and focus on how your body feels. Do you feel anxiety or other emotions about the decision?

💜 Did your gut instinct or reaction surprise you?

💜 We’re you expecting the activity which you need to make a decision on?

If the decision requires deeper thought and assessment before responding, then take time before making it. It is okay and perfectly fine to take time to work through any anxiety you might feel. It is okay to analyse the benefits or consequences such a decision will lead to.

Ask yourself if this is the only decision possible for that action? Are there other alternative options you can choose from which will make your decision more comfortable?

Once you understand how you respond to situations, you will be able to better prepare yourself for similar decision making in the future. You will be aware of which decisions not only feel right, but those you are comfortable with.

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  1. Becoming aware of that space between stimulus and reaction is key. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. The more time we can take the more clarity we will have. 🙏

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