Six steps to get more time in your day

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you wish you had more time to spend on things you enjoy doing rather than what you must do? Juggling work, home  and life will leave you frazzled, exhausted and eventually burn you out. But there are only 24 hours in the day – no more. How you use them is important to maximise those 24 hours.

It is time to stop, set boundaries and understand what is important. What really needs to be done by you and what can be done by others. It is time to distinguish between what is urgent and important.

Once you can distinguish the difference, you will finally be able to have time to stop and enjoy the moment. These six principles can help you set boundaries and get more time for YOU.

Know What You Value

What is your number one priority you would get out of bed for if you were really sick? Would it be your health, family, work? If it falls outside of these categories then it probably can wait. Be clear on what is really important to you.

You Can Ask for Help

You only have 24 hours and two hands to do what you need to. It is certainly not sustainable to take on too much without impacting on your health, self worth and effectiveness. You will become unproductive and unreliable. Decide what tasks have to be done by you and delegate the rest.

Don’t Keep Saying `I’m Busy’

Being part of the busy club really just tells everyone how unproductive you really are. It makes you look like you are unable to manage your time effectively. Being part of the busy club doesn’t make you important, if highlights to others you are ineffective and unreliable.

Plan Your Day From Start to Finish

Yes, this means your whole day. From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed at night. Make a note of each and every task you do that day no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. These seemingly insignificant tasks take up precious time in your allocated 24 hours. When you know what you spend your time on and how long it takes, you are able to plan your day effectively. You may even discover tasks that you can delegate or don’t require completing at all.

Delegate or Dump

Are there items on your task list that someone else has the skills to complete faster than you. Understanding your own skills and knowledge will help you decide what you can get others to, including family and household members. Once you have sorted out what can be delegate, look at that task list again and work out what you really don’t need to do at all. And if they do need attention, how can you work smarter?

Invest Wisely in Your TIme

Treat your time like money and invest wisely in your precious 24 hours. Remember, you don’t get any more hours in your day. By investing in that time wisely and implementing systems that make you productive, you will soon gain back precious hours. Those precious hours can be used to do things that matter – to YOU.

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