How to mindfully navigate through change –
Part Two

This part two of a three part blog series on managing the impact a change event can have on your life.

In last week’s post you developed your awareness for how change events may impact on your mind and body. This week’s post takes you through the next step in understanding how you can realign your values and identify solutions. Your values are key to how you make authentic decisions for living your best life.

Strategy Two: Understand and realign your values

Like change, the values you hold may evolve over your life. What you believed in at 13 may differ to what you value at 30. You may have craved freedom and adventure in your 30s, but in your 50s you want more family time and security. Your values are the main influence of your decisions and behaviours; changing as you change over time.

When you make decisions that feel uncertain, it may be because your original values are not aligned to your new values. When your values and actions are not aligned; it leaves you feeling unsatisfied, out of control or that you are not living to your authentic self.

Your emotions will guide and provide you insight into what is important to you – in the present – and what you really value now at this point in your life.

The following questions will help you understand if your values and actions are aligned:

💜 When were you last happy?

💜 What was it that made you happy and left you feeling fulfilled?

💜 What decisions have you made that you are confident and happy about?

Happiness is a sign that you are living your core values and you are content with life today. Happiness allows you to make good decisions which are in your best interests and serve your true purpose.

Strategy Three: Develop a solution mindset

It really is all about mindset and how you frame the challenges you may face in life. When you know what a problem is, it makes it easier to identify what needs to be done.

As you develop awareness of where your tension is coming from, you can switch into a solution mindset. Part of this involves coming up with ways to resolve the challenges you have with change so that you can live a fulfilled life again.

The following questions will guide you towards a solution focused mindset:

💜 What are all the possible solutions for this challenge?

💜 Do I have all the information I need for this solution?

💜 Which solution will I try first?

💜 Do I need any additional support to do this?

You may find yourself working through more than one solution before you find one that works for you. Don’t worry if this happens. In fact, having a couple of solutions gives you options to evaluate. It is part of the process to find out what works for you – and importantly, what doesn’t.

As you move through the change event and realign your life, remember to regularly check in with yourself to monitor how those solutions are working to help your decisions. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate and review those solutions if they need work.

In part three we will work through the final two strategies for navigating mindfully through change.

If you are experiencing any signs of depression, anxiety or suicide as a result of sudden changes in your life, it is important to seek help immediately from your doctor, psychologist or alternatively you can contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

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