The breath is your connection to health and happiness

Thee are many studies written on how your breath is connected to your mental health but there are also other benefits you can gain from the power of your breath. Below are just five of the benefits to be gained by embracing the power of your breath.

Enhanced Learning

When your mind and body are relaxed your ability to think become clearer. You can concentrate better resulting in an increased ability to learn, memorise and remember. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen to function at its best. The quality of your breath will allow you to take in an optimal amount of oxygen to allow clarity, feel grounded in order for productivity (and creativity) to flourish.

Natural Youth

Everyone wants to look and feel younger but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive treatments. The good news is that deep diaphragmatic breathing slows down the ageing process by increasing the secretion of ageing hormones in your body. When you reduce the stress in your life, your mood improves which in turn increases the flow of serotonin and endorphins into the bloodstream.

Peace and Balance

During a stress reaction you will notice your breathing turns shallow and rapid. Your throat and chest may even tighten or you get a pulsing sensation in your stomach. By breathing deeply, consciously, your stress will transform into positive energy. You will feel happy, calm and peaceful. As a result, your breathing becomes easier allowing you to find your centre, your anchor.

Energy Booster

It’s no secret that without oxygen you would not survive. Your body is able to survive up to 40 days without food and up to three without water; but oxygen is essential. Without oxygen you would die within minutes. Your body needs oxygen to function so you can live life.

A Natural Detox

Forget all those detox fads, if you want to detox naturally look no further than within you. Your breath is all that you need for a naturally, healthy detox. Approximately 70% of the toxins in your body are released through your breath. Deep diaphragmatic breathing will process carbon dioxide, a natural waste product in your body, more efficiently.

The practise deep breathing can be maximised through a regular meditation or mindfulness practice. Yet I have discovered new meditators are put off learning when faced with an experienced meditator. To that end, in August I will be holding a two hour online masterclass for those who want to build their confidence for meditation. I will also cover some basic meditation techniques. Find out more and book your place through the below link.

Disclaimer: Holistic health alternative therapies do not replace medical advice and you should always follow any direction from your treating medical practitioner.

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