5 Ways your breath protects your health

There is no need to try the latest health fads when you already possess the most effective tool in your wellbeing toolkit. It is free and you use it everyday. It is your breath. Used correctly, it can help protect you and reduce your risk of illness.

There is much scientific research on the benefits and power of your breath. In today’s unpredictable world, there is no better time to learn how to use your breath to its full advantage.

Below are five benefits your breath and deep breathing techniques can help fight harmful bacteria in your body.

Improved Cardiovascular System

When you practise regular, deep breathing it tones, massages and increases circulation to your heart, liver, brain and reproductive organs. A study of people who experienced heart attacks were revealed to breathe through their chest instead of the diaphragm. When they practised deep diaphragmatic breathing there was a 50% reduction in a repeated heart condition in the following five years,

Improves your Digestive System

Through a regular practise of deep belly breathing, your breath helps reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. The breath increases intestinal action while calming your nervous system to allow easier digestion. Deep breathing combined with a practise of mindful eating will improve your body’s digestive system

Boosts your Respiratory System

Respiratory illnesses such as asthma and breathlessness are common and open you up to the risk of further bacteria and viruses. Deep breathing through your diaphragm releases the tension in your respiratory system allowing your breath to flow easier. When your respiratory system is relaxed your chest opens relieving the pressure from the intercostal muscles and those around the scapula, erector spinae and trapezius muscles. Once relaxed, those muscles allow your posture to straighten an open and our breath flows easier.

Strengthens your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system depends on gravity, muscle movement and a continuous flowing breath so that the body can be cleansed. Deep breathing can play an important role in protecting the body from bacteria, viruses and other threats to your health.

Releases tension in your Nervous System

While your sympathetic nervous system is activated in a fight or flight response, your parasympathetic nervous system functions to calm you. Through deep breathing your parasympathetic nervous system is activated to relieve tension and muscle tightness caused by a stress response.

The practise deep breathing can be maximised through a regular meditation or mindfulness practice. Yet I have discovered new meditators are put off learning when faced with an experienced meditator. To that end, in August I will be holding a two hour online masterclass for those who want to build their confidence for meditation. I will also cover some basic meditation techniques. Find out more and book your place through the below link.

Disclaimer: Holistic health alternative therapies do not replace medical advice and you should always follow any direction from your treating medical practitioner.

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