Give yourself permission to live

Everything you do today is creating the person you want to be tomorrow. Your every thought and action is shaping your future self. These actions are setting up the world to either support or sabotage you. In other words, you are in control of your decisions and no-one can take that away from you.

From a young age we are taught to follow in the footsteps of our adult figures. They guided us towards decisions, to decide between right or wrong. We have looked up to them for guidance and inspiration.

While this is not a bad thing, it has also restricted our ability to give ourselves permission. We forgot that we actually have the ability to choose what we want in life.

You control the decisions you make. You control what your next chapter in life will be.

You may not be able to control the world around you, but you can control how you react and respond.

So, give yourself permission to live.

The only permission you need in life is the one you give yourself.

Because you have the power to change who you are. You have the power to be your best self possible.

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