How to optimise your nose breathing?

We know that nose breathing is more effective, but for some people there are difficulties in achieving this. For example, when you are constantly congested, mouth breathing may seem easier and less work. However, there are no filters like inside your nose to prevent toxins entering your mouth.

To help you clear the congestion in your nose, there is an ancient Eastern technique called Jala Neri, also known as nasal irrigation. This technique can help clear your nose for easy breathing and is used by yoga practitioners and students alike to aid in their every day practice.

At it’s most basic, Jala Neri involves sterile saltwater solution which can be made at home, but the water must be sterile. However, it is recommended that you purchase ready made packs at the pharmacy where advice can be sought on its correct use. Healthline provides step by step instructions how to safely perform nasal irrigation.

When used correctly, following professional health advice, nasal irrigation is beneficial in the prevention of sinus infection and other toxins.

Some people prefer to use a neti pot which looks like a mini teapot. When used correctly during nasal irrigation it can leave you feeling invigorated. It also decreases drowsiness and balances and strengthens your nervous system. Again, Healthline provides instructions on how to safely use a neti pot.

Once your nose has been irrigated, you will find oxygen flows easier in and out of your nose.  When oxygen flows freely and easily, your body will cleanse itself removing harmful toxins, allergens and pollutants built up over time. Regular use of the nasal irrigation technique is an effective way to remove harmful toxins and return your body to its optimal state of health.

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