How can I prevent burnout?

As you are aware, when your stress response is prolonged it can lead you into the dangerous territory of burnout. Once burnout strikes it is often hard to make a full recovery.

This week’s short post provides six simple steps which you can adopt to help you on the path back to relaxation and happiness.

Six steps to effectively bust burnout

Go for a walk at lunch

Simple but effective. When you take a walk in nature there is something instantly calming about walking through a park and breathing in the fresh, open air. You feel an instant revitalisation of your senses and it allows you to replenish your energy.

Be helpful

When you help others it makes you feel good, re-energises you and helps to find meaning in what you do. The appreciation on someone’s face when you help them solve a problem can be a reward in itself.

Talk to your colleagues

You spend eight hours a day together in the workplace. Get to know your team, ask for help and share the load. Take an interest in what they do, share morning tea breaks and even some laughter. Laughter is the best form of stress relief – and it’s free.

Practise mindfulness

Not everyone finds meditation is suitable for them, but mindfulness is a relaxation that everyone has the opportunity to learn. Mindfulness is about observing without judgement and allowing yourself to just be in the present moment.

Learn to say no

Unclear job demands and workloads are one of the main triggers for stress. Find ways to manage your time and boss by starting a conversation about deadlines and workloads.

Decide if that company is right for you

A tough decision but sometimes crucial for your wellbeing and happiness. You spend most of your life at work so its important to do a job you are passionate about and will make you feel better. If you are not happy, take action.

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