How to Plan your Productive Week?

Do you feel like you have so much on but little time to do it? Do you feel like you have to tick everything off of your `to do’ list. How often are you doing what is important for others, leaving little time for the things that really matter to you?

I hear you. We often feel an obligation to complete all those tasks and that saying no would be seen as defiant. While I’m not suggesting that you say no to everyone, because some things really have to be completed. But there are steps you can adopt to take back control and assess what your real priorities are.

A simple planning session once a week can help you get into a routine of assessing what you have to complete each week and in what order.

📝 Start your planning week on a Sunday which is considered the beginning of the week.

📝 Get comfortable in your meditation space with a journal, diary, pens and other materials important to your planning session.

📝 Set aside an hour to just brain dump all your activities and tasks you need to complete that week. This includes family, hobbies and entertainment. Make sure you include self-care time for yourself.

📝 Once you have all your commitments down on paper you are ready to sort through which are to be given highest priority.

Open up your diary and the first thing you should schedule is time for YOU. It can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour dedicated to your own self care. Dedicated to doing what YOU want.

Now schedule in those appointments you have to do including work, medical appointments, bill payments, caring responsibilities. Everything that is your HIGHEST priority.

Look at your week and what activities you have left on your list. These are your low priority tasks which can be moved around, or crossed off altogether if they do not add value to your life. Critically examine each low priority item. Does it light you up? Is it important to you? What will happen if you do not complete it.

Keep it simple and learn to let go of the things that really do not add value to helping you achieve your life purpose.

The key to your planning session is flexibility. You want to schedule your time so that you allow as much time for doing the things you love but still ensure you complete you priority committments.

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