How to Deepen your Meditation Journey

Meditation is not meant to be spiritual or religious, although it has aspects of each for some people. What it is about though is committing yourself to a regular practise where the goal is to know and understand yourself better. Through meditation we can learn to let go of bias to see the world clearly, openly and calming your mind.

When you practise meditation, you put your mind at rest to achieve a state of consciousness different from when you are awake. During the conscious state you are able to work out the varying levels of yourself to experience a consciousness within.

As you settle into your meditation practise, your mind becomes clear, relaxed and focused internally. However, you are still fully alert but your mind is not focused on what is happening around you. Your mind is focussed on an inner state of relaxation. Your mind becomes still and silent.

When your mind becomes silent your meditation practise will deepen.

Of course, you may find you suffer from `monkey mind’ with scattered thoughts racing through your mind. Distracting you from your practise. Do not worry, racing thoughts are a normal part of establishing your meditation practise. This is why it is called a meditation practise.

Meditation is a continued, individualised journey for each person.

Guided meditations are a way to help calm your `monkey mind’ because you focus on listening to the cues.

With regular meditation practise, even just 10 minutes a day, you will find your rhythm and be on your way to experiencing a conscious state of peace, happiness which nourish your mind, body and soul.

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